Male Bird at Kolob

This little house was this bird’s spot. He spent most of his time inside the place poking his head in and out apparently looking for his mate who was out doing her bird-thing… whatever that might have been. Every now and again, though, she’d stop back by, look inside and then run off again. Odd mating thing going on or were they already a pair? I caught this picture right before he popped back inside where he stayed for a good half hour.

Saw Me a Solar Eclipse

Composite image, heavy post-processing. I took these pictures without a solar filter. It didn’t even dawn on me to buy one before the trip. I’m a dumbass. Either way, here you go. This was the limit of what my camera could accomplish without additional gear. Next time I have the opportunity to see one, I’m getting filters. In fact, I should probably order a solar filter for my telescope too… like tomorrow. Now that I’m looking at it, given that these images were ultimately usable, I should have grabbed one more from when the moon was completely centered on the sun. By then I had already given up on getting a workable picture so I just enjoyed the eclipse for what it was. Oh well…

The Trail to Frenchman

This is an image of the trail leading to the peak of Frenchman Mountain. I took this picture from the downside of the first part of the saddle. Notice the round-ish area at the bottom of the saddle and you start to get the perspective right.

My Hometown

I recently hiked Frenchman Mountain on the east side of town. It’s commonly referred to as Sunrise Mountain, but that’s not it’s official name. The hike itself was pretty brutal. It’s not terribly long–2 miles maybe–but it features two of the steepest trails I’ve yet to climb. It starts with a pretty brutal grade until you reach a false peak about halfway along. From there it drops down into a saddle followed by another really steep gradient up to the peak. Brutal. It’s been five days since I hiked it and my calves are just barely recovered.

Climbing Sand Dunes

Standard fare for a Death Valley trip is walking out into Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. So we did. Three stupid white-ish guys with cameras. As time goes on and more and more people are out with their SLRs, the more I’m learning to hate having my camera. I need to go to more interesting places… places that are difficult to get to.

Chris and Matt, Badwater 1 of 2

Chris and Matt walking out towards the Badwater salt flats in Death Valley, CA. I had to do a little post-production work to make the image exactly what I wanted, but I won’t be telling you exactly what was done. Maybe it is obvious.