I went skydiving for the first time with Jennifer and some friends from work at Vegas Extreme Skydiving south of Vegas. (Stupid company name… a bit redundant… but whatever.) Tandem jump, obviously. I enjoyed it and would like to get qualified to jump on my own. Just another hobby I could pick up. We’ll see if I have time to fit it in. Another thing… you simply CANNOT look cool strapped to another man. The whole experience was pretty intense. As a matter of fact, my memory of things from when we exited the aircraft to when the parachute opened is a blur. Overall though, recommended.

Here is Jennifer’s video:

Haleakala Crater Sunset

Haleakala Crater is the peak of Maui. One of the biggest “adventures” you’re peddled while there is a bus trip to the top to watch the sunrise followed by a bike trip down the mountain. Yeah, seems kinda cool, but what fun is there if you’re just coasting the whole way? Plus we weren’t interested in the prices they were charging. So we opted to drive up for a sunset. 10,200ish feet below us it was about 80 degrees… making it about 40 degrees up here… without wind chill. Needless to say, I didn’t pack for this sort of weather and froze. It was fun, though, and well worth the time and effort to get here.

Kolob Reservoir in the Morning

Kolob Reservoir just outside of Zion National Park in southern Utah. A small earthen dam has created this out-of-the-way “lake” here down the road from my family’s small cabin. It was particularly serene in the morning so I grabbed a picture of it. Mild post-processing… color balance, saturation, sharpening, et cetera.

BIOS Recovery for HP Pavilion dv6 Laptops

I recently bricked my girlfriend’s HP Pavillion dv6-1122us laptop when I tried to flash the BIOS using the tool HP themselves provided me. (Really HP?) After much struggle and reading a LOT of very indefinite information from across the web, I was finally able to get the proper BIOS reflashed and her computer back to its previous state. The steps below may also work with your HP Pavilion dv5 and other various models running a BIOS from Insyde. (more…)

One of my favorite songs… figured I’d share: VNV Nation’s Perpetual. Synthpop done with a certain “epic” overtone. VNV likes to call it futurepop.

Last Post About Keffiyahs, I Promise

The third (and final) keffiyah I ordered a while ago finally arrived. It’s the white/black one on the right. This color scheme is traditionally worn by Palestinians and has been most prominent on the head of Yasser Arafat. The white/red one is worn by traditional arabs and is sported by the Saudi royal family. As I’ve stated before, these things are sweet… and inexpensive. Hop onto Amazon and order yourself one or two. They’re in the neighborhood of $10 each.

Steps to getting rich: 1) Get out of debt. 2) Build a fund for emergencies. 3) Buy assets. I completed step one at the end of January. I completed step two today when my savings account cleared three months-worth of my salary. I could now live quite comfortably for three months without a single paycheck. Now on to step three. I’ll start by fully funding my IRA.