Service Dress

db-captain-web I recently had my photo taken in service dress as part of a minor award I was… uh… awarded. I had a few hard copies printed, but the digital photo was lost shortly thereafter. So here’s a scanned copy of the photo. All of the speckles and dust you see in the image are from the scanner. As a matter of fact, I’m going to have this photo redone. So for the time being, if you’d like the higher resolution version for your own printing purposes, let me know. Or let me know that you’d like one when I get it redone. Whatever.

Trinity Site

Jennifer and I recently drove an hour and a half to the Trinity Site, the spot where man first exploded detonated a thermonuclear weapon in 1945. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), there wasn’t much to see there. At ground zero there is a monument of lava rocks cemented together with a dark mortar with a plaque affixed to it commemorating the event that took place there. And that was it. I basically knew what to expect before heading there, but I was somewhat underwhelmed. Due to its location within the confines of White Sands Missile Range, the site is off-limits for most of the year. They only open it twice a year so there was a sizable collection of people who had made the trip and I think that is what spoiled it for me. The mystique was gone. So I didn’t take many pictures. I did capture two that I found interesting, though. White balance, mild split toning for an older ’40s/’50s feel and other minor tweaks.

IMG_7438_web IMG_7442_web

What the shit? Two-by-fours are not 2″ by 4″! How do I know a gallon is a gallon? How do I know a mile is a mile?! You can’t trust anything anymore!


I went skydiving for the first time with Jennifer and some friends from work at Vegas Extreme Skydiving south of Vegas. (Stupid company name… a bit redundant… but whatever.) Tandem jump, obviously. I enjoyed it and would like to get qualified to jump on my own. Just another hobby I could pick up. We’ll see if I have time to fit it in. Another thing… you simply CANNOT look cool strapped to another man. The whole experience was pretty intense. As a matter of fact, my memory of things from when we exited the aircraft to when the parachute opened is a blur. Overall though, recommended.

Here is Jennifer’s video:

Haleakala Crater Sunset

Haleakala Crater is the peak of Maui. One of the biggest “adventures” you’re peddled while there is a bus trip to the top to watch the sunrise followed by a bike trip down the mountain. Yeah, seems kinda cool, but what fun is there if you’re just coasting the whole way? Plus we weren’t interested in the prices they were charging. So we opted to drive up for a sunset. 10,200ish feet below us it was about 80 degrees… making it about 40 degrees up here… without wind chill. Needless to say, I didn’t pack for this sort of weather and froze. It was fun, though, and well worth the time and effort to get here.