200,000 miles and no signs of slowing

My truck recently rolled over its 200,000th mile to little fanfare. I caught a picture of the moment and thought I’d use it to tout the impressive engineering of Toyota. I bought the truck with 26 miles on it in 2006 and, over the subsequent 200,000 miles, the only non-standard maintenance this vehicle has needed was the replacement of a blown CV boot. Everything else has been fluid changes, new tires, gas and the replacement of incidentals like headlights and windshields. The drivetrain on this truck is fantastic. Truly, my truck is easily the most cost-effective purchase I’ve ever made. Sure, it’s not going to pull a fully loaded camper, but it has handled a boat without issue, an ’88 Mustang trailered from El Paso and pretty much everything else I’ve ever needed it to pull. If you’re in the market for a truck, consider the Tacoma.


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