Updating BIOS………file not found

I recently rebuilt a server based on an MSI H61M-E23 motherboard and ran into a small issue. After downloading the latest BIOS from the MSI website, placing the file on a USB thumbdrive and executing the .EXE, I was instructed that the machine would be rebooting shortly and not to remove the USB drive. I clicked OK and allowed the machine to reboot. When it came back up I was shown:

Updating BIOS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .file not found

“What the FUCK?!” This is the second time I’ve used a manufacturer’s tool to update a motherboard’s BIOS only to have it fail. So I went digging through the Internet to find others that had the same problem and there were plenty… none of which solved the problem. Solutions ranged from resetting the CMOS to “hey, put this file on the USB drive and reboot”. I tried changing the file on the thumbdrive… didn’t work. I tried removing everything else from the thumbdrive and rebooting… no dice.

It dawned on me that the BIOS was likely unable to read the NTFS file system the thumbdrive was using. So I reformatted it as FAT32, slapped the new BIOS file onto the thumbdrive, rebooted and BOOM… file found. The machine did its work, rebooted and I was back to the operating system.

Pretty simple solution, but maybe this post will save you a few minutes of frustration. As per usual, all Internet advice should be taken at your own risk. Buena suerte.

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