Trinity Site

Jennifer and I recently drove an hour and a half to the Trinity Site, the spot where man first exploded detonated a thermonuclear weapon in 1945. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), there wasn’t much to see there. At ground zero there is a monument of lava rocks cemented together with a dark mortar with a plaque affixed to it commemorating the event that took place there. And that was it. I basically knew what to expect before heading there, but I was somewhat underwhelmed. Due to its location within the confines of White Sands Missile Range, the site is off-limits for most of the year. They only open it twice a year so there was a sizable collection of people who had made the trip and I think that is what spoiled it for me. The mystique was gone. So I didn’t take many pictures. I did capture two that I found interesting, though. White balance, mild split toning for an older ’40s/’50s feel and other minor tweaks.

IMG_7438_web IMG_7442_web

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