I went skydiving for the first time with Jennifer and some friends from work at Vegas Extreme Skydiving south of Vegas. (Stupid company name… a bit redundant… but whatever.) Tandem jump, obviously. I enjoyed it and would like to get qualified to jump on my own. Just another hobby I could pick up. We’ll see if I have time to fit it in. Another thing… you simply CANNOT look cool strapped to another man. The whole experience was pretty intense. As a matter of fact, my memory of things from when we exited the aircraft to when the parachute opened is a blur. Overall though, recommended.

Here is Jennifer’s video:


  1. I have to admit, I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I was watching this video. It made my cheeks hurt. It looks so so so fun. Also, yes, I giggled at Jennifer’s little squeal as she went out the door. And for the record, you didn’t look dumb, you looked like someone doing something totally fun for the first time! Love you, and still totally jealous!

    • Omg, yes Jennifer, yours is better! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your video. Particularly your first comment of “wholly S#%!” I actually did LOL! So jealous! Yay, your shoot opened!! ;-)

      • I was SO so So SO so So happy to be on the ground, and in ONE piece… not splattered all over the Earth!

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