BIOS Recovery for HP Pavilion dv6 Laptops

I recently bricked my girlfriend’s HP Pavillion dv6-1122us laptop when I tried to flash the BIOS using the tool HP themselves provided me. (Really HP?) After much struggle and reading a LOT of very indefinite information from across the web, I was finally able to get the proper BIOS reflashed and her computer back to its previous state. The steps below may also work with your HP Pavilion dv5 and other various models running a BIOS from Insyde.

  1. Download the latest flashing utility that corresponds with your laptop’s model number from HP’s website. It should be in the form of a self-extracting archive.
  2. Extract the files and let the flashing software open. Once it does, close it and navigate to the folder containing the new firmware… should be C:/SwSetup/<something>
  3. Find the .fd file and note the first four numbers of the file name. In my case this was “3059”. Now make four copies of that file naming them as follows: 3xxx.fd, 3xxx.bin, 3xxx.rom and simply 3xxx. (I’m sure only one of these is actually needed, I’m just unsure which one and don’t want to bother testing. Its probably the .fd.)
  4. Place those four files in the root of a FAT32-formatted USB thumbdrive.
  5. With your laptop powered off, place the thumbdrive into one of the USB ports. Then depress and hold down the Windows key and the B key.
  6. While still holding down Win+B, press the power button and let the machine boot. You should shortly hear some strong beeps. When you do, you can release Win+B.
  7. At this point, the machine should start scanning the thumbdrive beeping at a regular interval as it goes. Once it finds the correct file, the machine will flash the new BIOS and power down when complete.
  8. Power it back up and you should be seeing a standard boot process.

And that’s how I did it. Standard warnings about doing shit ’cause the Internet says so apply. Good luck.


  1. I tried with just the .fd file and it didn’t work. I then tried with all 4 and it worked, so still not sure which is actually needs….

  2. dv5-2129wm … place 4 files in usb drive and even with the win + B keys it does not reach my usb key on either 3 ports…

  3. dv5-2129wm … took out usb drive, replaced with burne cd with 0144.bin, 0144.fd, 0144.rom and 0144. sense the drive spinning but in the end nothing cap locks key just keeps flashing quietly no beeps… that’s it. No results

    • unplug the powersupply, remove the battery, hold down the powerbutton for 15 sec. then plug the power supply back in without the battery. turn the laptop on. now it will boot ;-)

  4. I have HP Pavilion DV6t-6000. HP BIOS upgrade has messed up. I need to recover BIOS. I followed your methodology. I downloaded .exe bios file from HP’s website and extracted (without installing it) through winzip, winrar and universal extractor but I don’t see .fd file. I tried to change folder option to show hidden files aswell but still I can’t see .fd files. Please can you advice/help on this issue?

    • Abou, I downloaded HP’s latest BIOS for your machine and, you’re right… I don’t see an .fd file. However, there is a .bin. Give the aforementioned method a shot with that file on the thumb drive. I used WinRAR to extract the files from the executable provided by HP. If you need further help, let me know.

    • I’m not entirely sure. It’s been a while since I fixed that laptop. To my best recollection, it stopped beeping, flashed the BIOS and then shutdown.

  5. I have the BIOS file on a USB key. I plugged it into my laptop, pressed windows button + B, and pressed the power button. I released all of the buttons after 3 seconds and I heard the fan powering up and spinning. After maybe 10 seconds, it beeped 5 times and shut off. Am I doing anything wrong?

      • Nope. Nothing happens. The screen stays black and the Caps Lock and Num Lock buttons each flash twice.

  6. Mine does the same thing as Jonathan’s. It just beeps as if it’s reading the files, and then once it’s done beeping it just shuts down.

  7. Edit. It now beeps reading the file, then beeps once every 12 seconds for a minute, then just sits there with the fan spinning away. Someone please help, I need to get this laptop working.

  8. i have a hp dv6 2002ew and it hangs at booting or when entering setup?
    and its now detecting the file, i tried many files and names, no use.
    is there any way the service guys could fix it?

  9. Yes, I’m sure support folks would be able to help you. Unfortunately I can only vouch for this technique on a dv6-1122us. Outside of that it may be a crap shoot. How do you know it’s scanning the thumbdrive? Are you hearing the beeps?

  10. I’m trying to fix my brother’s HP Pavilion dv6700. I downloaded the latest spxxxx.exe file. Unfortunately, there’s no *.fd file. any solution? Thank you

    • hi I have hp dv6700 I need to recover the BIOS what program can I use to power it up please help me and where can I find the program please help me I have tried the windows+B and I press the power button nothing happened can anyone help me ……….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my email is

    • Not sure. It’s been a while since I reflashed that laptop. I’m actually using it right this second. So I would just try them both. I hope this little post was helpful!

    • what are the file names? if they have different number-names you should use the one that’s exactly like your motherboard’s model. Funny thing: 8 bricked my laptop, followed this guide to repair but it was not working. luckily i realised that even though i downloaded my bios from HP, the fd file was named 3059.fd. My motherboard model number was 3060 so I made those four files with the 3060 name and it worked. Good luck!

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