San Genarro Angry Birds

Getting tired of me titling each post “San Genarro…” yet? These were some of the prizes available for winning the carnival games. There were plenty of games there that simply could not be won. The physics precluded it, but the guys running the booth certainly made it look easy. In particular there were a couple variants of a game whose object was to bounce a small basketball off a backboard angled away from the player at 45 degrees and have it land in a basket below. From the player’s distance, making that happen was practically impossible. I want to use literally impossible here, but there may have been a single certain spot and a single certain about of top spin that may have made the game winnable. But it would have cost me a shitload to figure that out. So I just let my friend fail a few times as we discussed the physics of it all. (As you’ll see tomorrow, not all games were unwinnable. :-) Fuckin’ carnies.

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