One and Done

As I said yesterday, not all carnie games are unwinnable. I avoided playing those things until we were on the way out and we came across the age-old classic carnival basketball game. All you had to do is get one regulation-sized basketball into a nonregulation-sized hoop. Three balls for five dollars. We all know how this game goes. I watched as numerous guys walked up thinking they had the touch… at least one guy dropped $50 to assuage his ego. I knew this thing was almost impossible, but given that I hadn’t played a game all night, I thought I’d go at it. Five dollars to the girl attending the game, three balls to me. I grabbed the first one, took a look at the net while bouncing the ball free-throw style and, after another short look, fired the first one off. BOOM! DONE! The girl working the thing was caught a bit off-guard and did something of a double-take as she sauntered off to get my stuffed dinosaur. I love destroying peoples’ expectations. She let me shoot the last two basketballs, but 1) it would have garnered me nothing and 2) I missed them both. Haha.

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