So Improbable as to Inspire Disbelief

I recently watched a video on YouTube called Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me? It describes the moment when you realize that the universe is completely linked, that everything, you and I included, are a part of that universe. We’re not just living in the universe. We are the universe. The video’s creator postulated that religions exist because reality is too incredible. As per the definition… Incredible: too implausible to be credible; beyond belief.

Of course, it’s all real and that is one of the hardest things for our limited mind to grasp. We spend our entire lives experiencing just one scale, the human scale, and our brains have a hard time comprehending anything considerably bigger or smaller. Can you really conceive what 1.6 trillion looks like? I doubt it. We just don’t have the capacity to understand numbers that big concretely. We know it’s a huge number, but that’s about it. ($1.6T is the annual national deficit of America, by the way. This is why politicians accept a deficit of that size and why we let them get away with it… no one can put that amount of money into perspective properly… but I’ve digressed.)

This picture was inspired by that video and my own moments of unbridled awe. I imagined myself suspended weightless in the middle of the universe and able to see everything within it. Stars, galaxies, black holes, atoms, single-cell creatures, lifeforms entirely different than those on Earth… everything. This is the face I imagine I would have. Many times I’ve had a mental glimpse of the immensity of the universe and how awesome (again, as per the definition) it all really is. The difference in scales from the smallest things to the largest is almost inconceivable… so much so that I am struck with an overwhelming sense of wonder and happiness, something some would call a spiritual moment… I’d call it a mindgasm.

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