The Persistence Hunt

Humans are a physically weak species when compared to most animals on Earth. We run slower than most everything, have worse vision than most birds and cats, can’t lift as much as other apes and our hearing is weak relative to most wild animals. What we do have, though, is stamina… enough to hunt the largest and strongest of animals. This is one of a few human attributes that makes us an apex predator.

Granted, modern man with his poor diet and office job generally has little stamina to speak of. (Am I right ladies?) This is a great departure from the capabilities of our ancestors, those who had to truly hunt for their sustenance, a legacy that we completely neglect in the modern age. I came across a fantastic video today that showcases this legacy magnificently which I’ve included after the cut. Watch and hopefully you’ll be as mesmerized as I was.

This man tracked and chased this kudu for eight hours. EIGHT! Take note of his gait. Notice the shorter steps, a more natural and efficient means of running. This is man in his most natural habitat. To be that in touch with himself and nature is absolutely remarkable and inspiring. To kill in that manner is immensely intimate, an experience modern man should be more familiar with. As in the video clip, perhaps we would all be much more respectful of our world if we had to work for our livelihood as the hunter/gather tribes across the world are required to do. In the last 10,000 years or so we have slowly lost our connection with the world. We are lucky to still have these examples of humanity’s past surviving today. Hopefully we can relearn what it is that truly makes us human, reconnect with our more basic self and bring humanity into better harmony with our environment. It will be a sad day when we completely lose touch with these time-capsules of human evolution and I assure you… that day is coming.

I wonder how he got it back to camp. And David Attenborough is easily the best voice in documentary videography. Morgan Freeman has got nothing on this man.

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