Care Package Books

Life here in Iraq is really pretty comfortable… a real Air Force deployment. I have my own room, regular Internet access, hot showers within 25 yards of my room, free laundry and $5 haircuts. Life is grand… well, as good as deployed life gets. The food is really, really good, too. I’ve been eating much healthier here than I ever was in Las Vegas. The dining facilities here really go a long way to making this a comfortable environment. Omelets, fresh fruit and vegetables, casseroles, salads, fish, chicken, curry, rice; it’s really quite complete and I’m not lacking for anything. I can even get Baskin Robbins ice cream at the chow hall not to mention Burger King, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut if I wanted to (not that I do).

So when I tell you guys that I don’t really need anything, I really mean it. I’m living large relative to most people deployed to the Middle East. Books are probably the one thing I will need a healthy supply of. I brought plenty, but I do a lot of reading here so I expect to be through them all in two months or so. Consequently, if you’re looking for something to keep me busy or take my mind off of the repetitive nature of the work I’m doing, send me a book. I’ll bet Amazon even ships to APO addresses no problem. I have a small list of books I’ve wanted for a while on my list of gift ideas… right there at the top, too.