Off on a Desert Adventure

Most of my visitors know that I’m off on a mini work-related adventure. I should be gone for four months… longer if mission requirements dictate so. Not to worry, though. I have a bunch of new toys to play with while I’m gone. New Bose noise-canceling headphones and a new iPod Touch. I’m bringing my laptop, a small pile of books and should have regular Internet access while away. So expect to hear from me regularly. It’s unknown as to whether the powers that be will be blocking my website as they do from my home station or not. (Facebook isn’t blocked, but any site running WordPress is.) If they aren’t, I’ll add bits and pieces of information and/or pictures for all to enjoy. If my website is to be blocked, I’ll just need to create a work-around which shouldn’t be too terribly difficult. So either way, I should be getting fresh text onto this site at a minimum.

If you need my mailing address, just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to give it to ya’. Mail will take upwards of ten days to arrive. Bear that in mind for any time-sensitive correspondence. Care packages are always welcome. Books, magazines, silly toys… really anything to break the monotony of the next four months. Try to avoid sending sweets if you can. I’m intending to trim up as much as possible while I’m gone. That means daily trips to the gym, daily running and a diet of fruit, vegetables and lean meats largely to the exclusion of everything else. It might be a little over-ambitious, but we’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, time to be off for a long overnight, trans-Atlantic flight. Hopefully my next bit of international travel will be for leisure and to some place I can fully experience. Now if I can just avoid getting a middle seat….

Update: I got a seat in the exit row on the aisle. The flight was also delayed 22.5 hours for weather at the second stop… 14 hours away! So that means everyone had to be given a hotel room, bags unloaded from the aircraft and picked up through baggage claim, shuttled to their hotels, et cetera. One more night in Baltimore isn’t bad though. Especially when they pay you for the privilege.